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EnergyMiser Line Saves You Money & Conserves Energy

Utility Rebate Programs
Utilities across the U.S. offer rebates on the purchase of energy efficient products. VendingMiser (VM), CoolerMiser (CM), SnackMiser (SM) and PlugMiser (PM) rebates range from $15 to $180 per unit. To see if you can benefit, contact us using the form on the right.Utility Turnkey Programs
Turnkey programs provide utility customers with VendingMiser®, CoolerMiser™, and/or SnackMiser™ controllers and installation, at no cost. To learn more about the program, or how to participate, contact us using the form on the right. Jump OnBoard!
Join the thousands of corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, government facilities, retail stores and hospitality properties that conserve energy cost and preserve the environment with our line of energy control products for cold beverage and snack vending machines and other electronic devices. 5 Year Warranty
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VendingMiser®, VM170 or VM150, with its occupancy-based technology, can reduce the power consumption of a cold drink vending machine by an average of 46%. These are our Most Popular Models and what 95% of our customers love!

When equipped with the VendingMiser® or VM2iQ®, refrigerated beverage vending machines use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new ENERGY STAR qualified machines. Must have access to the inside of the machine to connect this device.

CoolerMiser™, CM170 or CM150, controls glass-front coolers that contain non-perishable goods. It can operate alone or it can be a perfect companion to the powerful VendingMiser®. Machines suitable for control by CoolerMiser™ typically have sliding glass doors or pull-open doors. Our Most Poplular Models for “Reach-in” type refrigerators.

CM2iQ® is the second generation of the CoolerMiser™ and incorporates the innovative, energy-saving CoolerMiser™ technology into a 3″ plug-and-play device that installs inside any refrigerated cooler, replacing the mechanical cold control. This technology controls the cooling system in a cooler, allowing the advertising lighting to remain on while in energy-savings mode – saving up to 35% on annual utility costs.

SnackMiser™, SM150 or SM170, reduces the amount of electricity used by non-refrigerated snack vending machines. SnackMiser™ can stand alone, or act as the ideal companion to VendingMiser®.

PlugMiser™ is an occupancy-based power controller for all types of plug loads, including those found in personal or modular offices (printers, personal heaters and radios), video arcade games and more. Any type of plug load that can be shut down based only on occupancy can be controlled by PlugMiser™. Limited only by your imagination, the PlugMiser has almost limitless applications. What can PlugMiser turn off for you?


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