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VendingMisers Help Halifax, Nova Scotia Save Big on Energy Bills

VendingMisers Help Halifax, Nova Scotia Save Big on Energy Bills
According to Peter Kelly with the Halifax News Net, his city’s economy held its own in 2009, aided in part by wide adoption of VendingMisers! Read on to learn how.

August 29, 2010
Story from Peter Kelly, Halifax News Net: Our city held its own in 2009.
Keep in mind that dollar amounts mentioned in the article are in Canadian Dollars
Who would’ve thought the humble vending machine had a role to play in slowing climate change, not to mention keeping HRM’s costs down? Well, it’s true! We’ve installed a CDN$250 device called the VendingMiser on 30 vending machines on our corporate property, where we pay the power bill.

The average vending machine is indirectly responsible for the emission of about four tonnes of greenhouse gas annually, the equivalent of a car. The VendingMiser cuts indirect emissions almost in half in refrigerated pop machines and by 30 per cent in electrified non-refrigerated machines dispensing things like chips and chocolate bars.
Then there’s the cost-saving. Refrigerated machines use CDN$500 worth of electricity annually, an amount the VendingMiser cuts significantly by intermittently shutting off power. Since there are about 2,000 refrigerated vending machines and 1,000 electric ones throughout the annual reduction would be around 5,200 tonnes of greenhouse gases, while the cost saving to the private sector would total about CDN$500,000.

A bylaw revision will come before council soon, making it mandatory that all vending machines in HRM be fitted with these devices.
As well, I shall be writing to the presidents of Coke, Pepsi and other vendors, telling them what we’re doing and asking for their cooperation. href=”″ target=”_blank”>Click here to read the rest of the article